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Tournament FAQs

Is this event only for NFL FLAG leagues?

-No, all of 360 Flag's events are open to ALL flag football teams, including non-NFL FLAG Participants.

What are the COVID Protocols?

-Guideline for each tournament will be release no more than one (1) week prior to that event. These guidelines will be based on CDC recommendations and federal/local guidelines at the time.  They are subject to change up to and including the date of the event.

What if the event is canceled due to COVID or weather, do I get a refund?

-Unfortunately, no. If COVID or weather is the cause for a cancellation, then there will be no refunds given. There are costs associated with running the event regardless of outside circumstances e.g. facility, officials, staff, insurance, etc. Therefore, all parties are at risk when it comes to COVID or weather-related issues. 

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